#40 Japan’s 72 micro-seasons vol.1


Japan’s 72 micro-seasons

  • According to the Japanese ancient calendar, Japan has 24 major seasons which is called “Sekki”. This 24 divisions originated from the Chinese calendar, starting in Springs in early February. 
  • As time goes by, these seasons needed to match up more locally with the climate in Japan. In 1685, astronomer, Shibukawa Shunkai rewritten the season’s calendar. Each 24 divisions split again into three, total of 72 different micro-seasons with poetic nature life moments.

The Vernal Equinox

In the northern hemisphere, the first day of the spring is on March 20th or 21st, when the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving northward.

72 micro-seasons of Spring

  • East wind melts the ice:東風解凍(はるかぜこおりをとく)
  • Fish emerge from the ice:魚上氷(うお こおりを いずる)
  • First peach blossoms:桃始笑(もも はじめて さく)
  • Swallows return:玄鳥至(つばめ きたる)
  • Last frost, rice seedlings grow:霜止出苗しも やみて なえ いずる)



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